There are many pages on the Web where you can participate in an active way. The objective of these pages is to promote contacts between railfans, but also between daily users of trains.


A newsgroup is like a mailbox (available via your mail software) where everybody can post a message, to ask a question or to answer to another question. There are several newsgroups about railroad, among which I recommend :

If you can't reach one of those newsgroups via your Internet provider, click on the links above, which refer to the website.

Chat roomRail Café

Rail Café is an interactive meeting place for rail enthusiasts (mostly in French). There is a live chatroom about railways, with at least two weekly appointments : every Friday and Saturday at 10.30 pm (hour of Brussels).

Mailing-list of the site

Mailing-listIf you want, you can become member of the "Belgian Railways" mailing-list. This will inform you on the latest modification on this site and about the main railroad events in Belgium.

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