The website is divided into four big parts :

We could resume the situation by saying that the first two parts contain practical information, while the last two parts are more technical.

So, if you're looking for information that is necessary for travelling by train (where to buy tickets, what are the current works on the tracks, ...), you have to look at the first two section. If you're looking for technical data (what kind of trains is used on this line, how is built a high speed line, ...), you should consult the last two sections.

All data about schedules and fares are available in the first part : you just have to click in the corresponding page on the menu at the top of the screen of the "timetables and fares" section. In this section you'll find the schedule of your train, the price of your ticket, the different travel formulas, ...

The information you need to organise your journey, know the current works on the network, or know the Belgian Railways better are available in the "passengers' information" section.

The information about the Belgian Rolling Stock, like the technical fiches, the composition of the trains, the SNCB/NMBS numbering system are located in the "rolling stock" section.

The high speed trains have got their own section. There, you can discover the different types of TGV riding in Belgium, the Belgian high speed network and the explanations about the construction of this network. Unfortunately, many pages of this section are available in French only.

At last, there is a fifth section entitled "Modélisme", in French only, dedicated to the reduced railroad models.

If you don't find the needed information despite this help page, you can use the search engine. If this search doesn't succeed, check if you don't find the answer among the frequently asked questions list, and, if not, contact me.

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