Every day, about 360 000 persons are riding towards Brussels. The number of commuters who reach Brussels by car is continuously increasing, and the complete congestion of the roads is a real threat..

To solve the mobility problem, a solution has been imagined : the Express Regional Network project (Réseau Express Régional - Gewestelijk Express Net). The solution is based by a large consensus on a dense network of public transport covering the area within 30 km from Brussels and offering good frequencies (every 15 minutes during peak hours). Is is thought that this goal can be achieved by using the existing railroad network and stations in and around Brussels, and by adding bus (coach) lines in segregated lanes.
Furthermore, it is essential to offer a better integration of all transportation means, including an integrated fare structure between the various transportation companies involved by the RER.

The following pages summarize this project.
These pages are only available in French. Help with the translation would be welcome !

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