This page gives you recent news about the SNCB/NMBS (special fares, problems on the tracks, ...). It is very often updated.

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Traffic News

 Info works

Each month, there are works on the Belgian network, to maintain and improve it. Those works can have an impact on the train traffic.

see the works page

 Buy your tickets online

It is now possible to buy your train tickets via Internet from the official SNCB/NMBS website .

Domestic service

For journeys inside Belgium, you can buy your ticket online and directly print it via your personal printer. You just need to take the printed sheet with you during your journey.

International service

For journeys by high speed train to and from Belgium, you can book your ticket online, and receive it by post or at a train station.

buy online
(official website)

buy online
(official website)

 Daytrips and events

For special events (exhibitions, concerts, ...), special tickets called "B-Excursion" and "B-Events" are issued. This ticket includes the outward and return journey (2nd class), the entrance to the event, and eventually other advantages.

see the B-Daytrips page

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